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Summer Saltz Cover

The book: 

Summer Saltz “I’m so Hollywood,” by Connie Sewell

The Children:

Bug, 2 years, and Lula, 4-1/2 months

The Story:

“With a personality as big and cute as her wispy blonde pigtails,
Summer is a silly, spunky, fun-loving girl always into something
exciting! After adding a sassy pair of white sunglasses to her
usual quirky ensemble, Summer Saltz shows up for her parents’
party with her “I’m so HOLLYWOOD” attitude and finds out she’s
not so Hollywood after all. She learns how to overcome conflict
and what it is to be a good friend, as her best friend is especially
kind to her. “-www.summersaltz.com

The Pros:

My daughters love the book.

My eldest is always running around saying, “I’m so Hollywood!” The character in the book talks exactly like Bug, at least how I read it. Just a full-on ball of energy talking a mile-a-minute. I think Summer Saltz is very relatable for her. Although Bug doesn’t get a lot of the “figures of speech” in the book, like the character herself, she finds it hilarious that Summer wanted to put her dog in her purse and now loves to hug trees.

Lula of course doesn’t understand the story at all; however, she loves listening and looking at the illustrations. The illustrations are very cute and very pink and green.

The Cons:

Bug has started chewing her nails like the best-friend in the book. I’m sure she’ll get over it soon, especially as I have started skipping that part of the book. That part seems unnecessary to the story, so I recommend you do the same.

The Gear:

Sunglasses: Still in one piece despite quite a bit of play. They are way to big for my two-year-old. They are probably a better size for a four-year-old.

Accessory Package: Includes a sticker sheet, two temporary tattoos, and a pencil. They are cute and depict the main character, Summer Saltz.


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