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Lisa Miller @ The Mommy Stylist:

*An extra tip for Lettybug and Salem Moon readers: For nursing, buy tops in either dark colors or with busy patterns. They will help hide spilled milk, leaked or otherwise.

Originally posted on The Mommy Stylist:

By Lisa Miller

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Making your own nursing pads is easy if you have the time. See instructions below.

Hello, readers! I am finally returning from maternity leave. My beautiful new daughter is healthy and happy at three months. My wardrobe, however, isn’t. While some of my pre-pregnancy clothes fit, they aren’t functional. My maternity clothes are too big and, again, not functional. It’s tough enough dressing a mom figure, and new-mom-who-happens-to-be-nursing figure, near impossible. However, I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on the subject and have found some indispensable items. They’ve been helpful to me and will hopefully do the same for you during this transitional time.

Gilligan O’Malley nursing bra

Not only is this bra comfortable, it’s fashionable, practical, and low-cut – perfect to wear with light, summery tops. The material is flexible enough to move out of the way so baby can be fed. Plus,with details…

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