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Originally posted on The Mommy Stylist:

By Lisa Miller

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Let’s talk about socks for a minute. Colored or patterned socks are an often overlooked accessory that moms could easily take advantage of. Children can’t tear them off of you, they won’t show dirt like white will, and if your outfit is neutral or monochromatic, they can add a little excitement and a lot of style. At prices starting from about $1, they are also a great accessory for those on a conservative “I don’t want to spend a ton of money on something fun that can be easily ruined” budget. You already have to put socks on in the morning, especially in a cold or rainy climate, so what is the difference between pulling on a pair of bold, playful ones or a pair of plain, neutral ones? Not much, if you know how to wear them fashionably.

Today, I’m going…

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