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It seems that infant Tylenol only comes in either grape or cherry flavor. Two flavors that Lettybug detests. Sometimes it is hard enough getting her to eat something that she wants to eat, let alone something that she will basically kill herself to prevent having to eat. Even when the formula was more concentrated it was impossible to get her to take the whole dose. We tried everything- shooting it to the inside of her cheek, having her drink it from a nipple, mixing it with her milk, mixing it with her milk. No go.

Children’s Tylenol comes in other flavors, like strawberry. Strawberry is an¬†acceptable¬†flavor. We asked our pediatrician and pharmacist and, as both children’s and infant Tylenol that we were interested in are the same concentration (they just come with different measuring and distribution devices- syringe dropper vs. cup), all we had to do was save and use the syringe dropper from the last bottle of infant Tylenol we had purchased. This let us give Bug the correct dosage in the less poisonous flavor. Success!

If you are having the same trouble we were, I highly recommend checking with your pediatrician and/or pharmacist to see if this method is something that could help you out. Hope this helps. Good luck out there.