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Originally posted on The Mommy Stylist:

By Lisa Miller

In response to our recent post on looking fashionable in sports apparel, we received a request for a special dad feature and thought, why  not? I mean, his style can certainly affect your style. And if you’re working so hard on yours then maybe we should get him polished up a bit too…

Dear Mommy Stylist,

Your stuff is great. Thanks for helping all the sports moms out here look good. Maybe you could consider a dad feature. Some of those guys need some real help!

Okay, ladies, we hear you. Now that you are looking so fine out there on the sports field, it’s becoming more and more obvious that your significant other is cramping your style. If you’re lucky, your husband is probably dressed something like this:

If you’re not so lucky, it’s probably more like one of these:

sports dad

We know what you’re really looking for, a…

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