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Lisa Miller @ The Mommy Stylist:

Today I’m craving banana and nutella eggrolls. I have the nutella and the egg. The only question is- do I brave the snow in search of won-ton wrappers and bananas?


Originally posted on LE ZOE MUSINGS:

My husband made some pork eggrolls tonight for dinner. Although this post is also about eggrolls, it’s not the same ones that we just had.  It’s a dessert kind of eggroll. A banana and nutella kind, to be exact.

If you love fried bananas, you’ll go BA-NA-NAS for this one! A really simple, quick, and yummy dessert to be served (warm) alone or with vanilla ice cream.

BE96Usually, when I do food posts, it’s about showcasing the final result. This time is a little different. I wanted to show the process step by step and volunteered my husband to be my photographer. Lucky for me, he’s great at taking pictures!

BE2BE3Here I have three different varieties of bananas. I used baby bananas for this recipe.The key is that they should be fairly ripe.

BEOur kitchen is the brightest space in the house so lighting was just oh so perfect

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