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-Lettybug had her first kiss today! We met up with some friends and she and little O. just leaned in and gave each other a little peck on the lips. It was so cute! I wish I’d had my camera.

-A new friend and his wife just had their baby this week. Congratulations! Oh, and this friend recently had a very good question. He was installing the car seat and wanted to know if it was supposed to only be attached in the back (so that it is able move side to side in the front). This is how both of our car seats hook in. They hook only in the back using either the seat belt or the latch method. Once the baby is in the seat it doesn’t seem to move side to side. I think that the only real problem is if you can actually roll the seat over. This will happen in some newer cars if you use the seat belt method rather than the latch system. Of course, check your manual, but this has been our experience. Good question!

-The cloth diapers are still going strong. Bug calls them her “pretty diapers” and she calls the Pampers her “nigh-nigh diapers,” since she mostly wears them only for sleeping now. The diaper rash that we were battling seems to have mostly dissipated with the use of the cloth diapers. Sometimes she is a little red after waking up in a “nigh-nigh diaper,” but it usually fades away after a couple of hours in a cloth.

-Why are car seats so BIG now? We have a tiny, ’96 Corolla. The car seats are so huge, they take up most of the car. Sometimes we feel so cramped in the front seat that whoever isn’t driving will move to the back seat just to get a little leg room. We upgraded Bug’s car seat and are going to add latches to our car because two car seats can’t fit next to each other in the back seat. We now have to add latches so that both Letty and the new baby will be able to sit in the back seat at the same time. We were going to move Bug to the side seat and put the newborn car seat in the center seat when she is born, but now they will both have to be on the side. So frustrating. I’m beginning to wonder how we’ll fit in the car ourselves. Children rode in car seats in ’96 and seem to have survived. Why have car seats seemingly quadrupled in size? So frustrating.

-I’m now at the end of week 27 of my pregnancy and still going strong!

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