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At IKEA the other day I picked up a couple of cute ice-cube trays for $0.99, one of which makes little fish-shaped ice cubes (pictured below, image from IKEA website). I filled it up, popped it in the freezer and, voila!, a spectacular teether. Lettybug loves fish (and their sound, “bloop, bloop”), the shape is really easy for her to hold, and the cold feels great on her teeth.

Keep in mind that this is not the best idea for younger teething babies, although I’m sure they would also work well in one of those mesh self-feeding devices, as ice can be a choking hazard. Bug is very good at handling the ice and we are always right next to her while she eats it. We have yet to have a problem. It works for us, anyways.

PLASTIS Ice cube tray IKEA

We weren’t fans of the typical Oragel teething treatment. It has a bunch of yucky ingredients and Bug hated the flavor (she doesn’t like sweet things). Instead, we found homeopathic teething drops from Gentle Naturals. Baby gets one dose underneath his/her tongue once every two hours as needed. They are natural and they work great. One dose makes “crazy bebe,” as she calls herself when she’s acting out because her teeth are hurting, go away and cute, sweet Bug comes back within about 10 minutes. They are available online from Amazon.com for approx. $5.


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