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This is a link to a very helpful and informative blog post that I found about efficiently making homemade baby food. After Lettybug turned a year old, we started making all of her baby food at home (except the beef- she still likes Gerber baby beef). We just use our handy 700-watt Black and Decker blender, $29.99 at Target. We steam or boil the veggies before pureeing, most fruits we just chop and blend at this point. She is eating some more grown-up foods now- tilapia, chicken, and scrambled egg; toast, corn Chex, Rice Krispies; brown rice; extra sharp cheddar cheese. Anyways, I digress. This blog post even lists sample meals- yes! Something that I looked all over for the first time around and couldn’t find what I sought. We are planning to use only homemade baby food with baby #2, so I was excited to see such a useful article.

Hope you find it as helpful as I did.


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