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Dear Readers,

2013 is finally here.

We had a wonderful, crazy holiday season.

-Lettybug went to see “Ha, Ha,” a.k.a. Santa, at the local mall. When asked what she would like for Christmas, she requested “popcorn!” When Santa gave her a sheet of stickers instead, she promptly tasted them and handed them back saying, “not popcorn. Me Chris! Bye-bye.” The girl knows what she wants.

-Lettybug has two new teeth and a couple more on the way in. This brings our total up to an exciting 4 teeth.

-We are very proud of the hubby. He received 5 A’s this semester at university. Congratulations!

-All three of us got the flu over Christmas, fortunately we celebrate Yule. Although we had to miss several holiday get-togethers with friends we were able to have our first official Yule as a family. Don’t ask me what happened to last year’s celebration, I guess it just got away from us. Our first round as new parents was quite exhausting, rewarding, but so tiring.

-Family arrived in town as soon as we were back on our feet. They kept us busy running around all over town. We visited old friends and family in the area plus went to the zoo.

-I am now 25 weeks pregnant. I’m still feeling pretty good- other than some achy hips I’m in tip-top shape. I’ve even managed to gain a whopping 3 lbs! Doesn’t sound like much, but this pregnancy I am having the opposite problem that I had during my last. Last pregnancy I gained weight like none-other, this pregnancy it is a battle to keep the weight on. Weird. My bump is getting bigger, the rest doesn’t appear to be getting any smaller. I’m so confused as to what is happening there. Whatever.

-Now, the news that you’ve all been waiting for! The most exciting news of all: WE’RE HAVING A GIRL!!! We’ve pretty much decided on the name Amelie and we intend to call her Lula for short. So excited!

Hope that you all had a wonderful holiday.

Love, Lisa



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