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Lettybug has an extensive vocabulary for an almost 15 month old.  She even speaks in complete sentences, which is impressive.  Even more impressive is that people other than her mama and daddy are starting to be able to understand her.  It really is amazing, I swear.  Anyways, her newest word is “Exploded!”

The pumpkins outside have been attacked by critters who have scattered the seeds and pulp all around it- “The pum-pum is Exploded!”

All of the toys from the toy box have been strewed about the family room- “The box is Exploded!”

And, most recently when her skin broke out in a terrible spotty rash from her MMR vaccine- “Lettybug is Exploded!”

She seriously went around showing people her arms and telling them that she exploded.  She was so matter-of-fact about it.  It was hysterical.  She didn’t seem scared or upset by it.  She was just exploded.  Can you believe it?


No one told us to expect a rash from the MMR vaccine, so if your child is up for the MMR here are some things that you can expect- a bump from where the vaccine was administered which burns, a small fever for a few days, no sleeping for about two weeks, diminished appetite, and after about 7 days a red, raised, splotchy rash that takes about 3 days to go away.  Oh, and the vaccine can also cause constipation.  None of this was even on the little vaccine fact sheet that the doctor’s office gave us afterwards.  So, be ready with the aloe, baby Tylenol and boiled prune juice.  Give oatmeal baths (just add about a 1/3 cp. Quaker oat cereal to a warm bathtub), it is very soothing for inflamed skin.  Take baby’s temperature.  Raise the head of baby’s bed up on textbooks, baby can get an ear infection from all of the crying and discomfort.  If you are concerned or if anything seems unusual, always keep your doctor in the loop.  Just some information that I wish someone had given me before the vaccine.  Good luck, I hope that this helps.


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