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Week 18 has me craving nothing but tofu, tofu, tofu.  I am one of those strange people who actually LOVES tofu.  Most people in my life scratch their heads and say it doesn’t really taste like anything.  But, I love the taste of tofu.  I love the texture of tofu.  And, if it tastes like nothing, then you obviously aren’t cooking it right because one of the great things about tofu is its amazing ability to absorb flavor.  Basically, anything that you add to tofu will be absorbed and it will be tasty.  Of course, tofu is tasty all on its own.  So, it is just wonderful.

One little known fact about me is that I love Korean dramas.  My current obsession is protect the boss, it is available on Netflix instant.  A cute, dramatic love story.  I love it.  Bug actually loves Korean dramas also.  When she was tiny, a good Korean drama was one of the few things to really calm her down, especially during the tongue-tied phase.  Another cute one to check out on Netflix is Boys Over Flowers.  How is this related? you ask.  Well, they are always showing foods.  Delicious foods (like Bibimbap), especially foods with tofu.  They are starving me.

On to the recipes.

Miso Soup

Tofu Curry

Mao Pao Tofu

What is your favorite tofu recipe?




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