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I’m not exactly sure what the original source of this recipe is.  This easy chicken salad recipe is a recipe that my mother taught me when I was pretty young.  It is a quick, easy, throw-together meal made with ingredients found in most people’s home pantries.  Not only that, but it is a tasty way to use up leftover chicken.  It may even be a great idea for using up that leftover turkey that is coming your way.  Oh, if you are one of those cooks who likes exact measurements, I apologize ahead of time.  That is not the way that recipes work in my family.  Everything is adjustable and optional, well almost anything.  We simply cook for taste.  Anyways, eat up and enjoy!

Easy Chicken Salad Recipe

-1 can of chicken breast chunk (drained) or some cubed leftover chicken (or turkey)

-1 apple of your choice, chopped into smallish pieces (I have an aunt who uses quartered grapes instead)

-Mayonnaise, mix in the amount that you desire

-A handful or two of unshelled and salted sunflower seeds

-Salt and/or pepper to taste

Mix everything up in a bowl.  You can eat as is or serve with crackers, toasted Hawaiian rolls, whatever is tasty.