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Dear Readers,

I have finally reached week 17.  I have more energy now.  Which is great as I can now get way, way more done.  The only problem is now I have so much energy that I can’t sleep.  Well, I guess that’s more time to do me things.  If I can remember what those are

In exciting news, I can feel the little one kick.  So far this baby loves to kick it’s big sister, thank goodness she can’t feel it yet because it is almost always as I am trying to put her down to sleep (this one’s a troublemaker already), and it loves to kick when it hears Daddy laughing.  It is so fun once you can feel the baby kick.  It feels real and I start to feel more connected.  I really appreciate this as it is so weird not knowing if the baby will be a girl or a boy yet.  Oh, and we also changed our girl name.  Now, if the baby is a girl we are thinking about Amelie.  We are still in love with Kellan if the baby is a boy.

The only other news this week is that my What to Wear: Thanksgiving Day post is up over at TMS.  Please check it out.

Love, Lisa

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