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I am totally craving coconut right now.  I love coconut.  Coconut water, coconut milk straight out of the shell, shredded out of the bag and especially mounds bars.  I found a recipe online to make them at home.  It doesn’t even look that hard.  If they turn out great, I know something that we will be making often.  Click here for the recipe.  Photo from the recipe site.


By the way, we are now back from Boo at the Zoo.  It was lots of fun.  We saw lots of cute kids in costume.  Letty’s favorite animal was the camel, who she totally thought was a dog.  She spent twenty minutes pointing, “woof!, woofing!,” and yelling “doggy!”  She also really like the “teddy bear,” aka grizzly bear, and the geese.  The child loves geese.  She’s a funny girl.  Cute pictures may one day come.


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