What to Wear: Trick or Treating (And Later, to the Office!)

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By Lisa Miller

What To Wear: Casual Hallloween Costume 2014 / See this and more at WWW.MOMMYSTYLIST.COM!

Photos courtesy of retailers.

Halloween is just around the corner. As a mom, you’ll probably be participating in activities like trick-or-treating and school costume parties. You want to feel festive and acknowledge that this isn’t just another day but being able to function is of utmost importance. So, how do you pull it off? Easy. Utilize pieces that can be worn again in everyday life.

Skip the Costume Stores

One trip to the Halloween store will make it clear that mass-market costumes these days are for skin-baring model types with giant boobs. And let’s not forget the inflated price tag on that slapped together bit of tulle. If you’re comfortable slipping into a tutu that barely covers your butt, lucky you. But, most moms don’t have the same body as the teenage model on the costume package cover. Fear not, there is a simple and affordable solution.

Turn everyday clothes into a costume

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What to Wear: Fall’s Must-Have Colors

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By Lisa Miller with Ebony Benson

Pantone Fall 2014

Photos courtesy of retailers

It’s that time of year again. Fall is in the air and the Pantone color report for autumn 2014 is in. (Pantone is a color forecasting company that holds a bi-annual “secret meeting of representatives from various nations’ color standards groups” to choose a color of the year (2014 = Radiant Orchid) and the colors that will dominate home decor and wardrobes each autumn and spring. See all of the fall 2014 hues in the photo above.) Clothing and accessories in the season’s hottest colors are now hitting the racks. How should you spend your wardrobe budget?

The Staples

This year there are a lot of staples in the selection (colors that are repeated year after year). Shades of grey (Aluminum and Sea Fog), blue (Royal and Cobalt), and brown (Cognac) are plentiful, and may already be in your closet. Before pulling out…

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Stylist’s Secret: Use A Style Board To Find Your Personal Style

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By Lisa Miller

Use a style board to find your personal style / WWW.MOMMYSTYLIST.COM

Personal style board.

Trends come and trends go, but the silhouettes and styles that look good on you and make you feel confident may be less transient. Knowing what you like is the first step in figuring out your personal style. Knowing what your style is will help you create some guidelines to base purchases on and provide rules for cleaning out your closet. If it doesn’t fit your personal style, you probably won’t wear it.

“Whew,” you say, “Knowing what I like –  at least that’s easy.” And, you’re right, sort of.  If you listed off three styles you love right now, you might say ankle pants, tribal prints, and khaki. Do they really deserve a spot on your list, or are they there because the fashion magazines and Kohl’s ads suggested them? Advertisers and marketing teams make the big bucks to sell you the styles that…

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The Mommy Stylist Receives The Liebster Award!

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By Lisa Miller and Kristin Hull

Liebster Award Button Pic

The Mommy Stylist receives the Liebster Award! ( Liebster is a German word meaning beloved).

The Mommy Stylist has received the Liebster Award! The Liebster award is given to up-and-coming bloggers to who, as the German word implies, create content that is beloved, valued, and dear to their readers. Thank you to our nominator, Alisha from Crazy Cowboy Wifewho blogs about life, parenting, and tasty recipes from the heart of Kansas! We are so glad to hear that you enjoy reading The Mommy Stylist!

Liebster Award recipients are asked to answer 11 questions, give 11 statements about themselves, list 11 sites they are nominating in return, and create 11 questions for them to answer. Well, we did our homework and hope you enjoy reading our responses below. (While it may be longer than our usual posts, we thought it would be a fun…

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Valentine’s Day Dresses: Get Designer Style (Without Dipping Into the Kids’ College Fund)

Lisa Miller @ The Mommy Stylist:

Wear a designer frock for your Valentine’s Day ensemble, and for as low as $30. Read how at http://www.mommystylist.com

Originally posted on The Mommy Stylist:

By Kristin Hull

Photos courtesy of Rent the Runway

Photos courtesy of Rent the Runway

Valentine’s Day is the time to be your sexiest self. Pull out your highest heels and some fab jewelry, give yourself a smoky eye (learn how from Talia Castellano,  the amazing little girl who lost her battle with cancer but made a huge impact in her 13 short years) and slip into a dress that will make your significant other do a double take.

Go all out

Think romantic like sequins or lace, and sexy like super short, low cut or form-fitting. Don’t be afraid to go all out for the person you chose to be your partner in life. Don’t they deserve it? Even if you’re going to have dinner at home, take the time to get all gussied up. You will make your mate feel special, as well as yourself. If you’re headed to a restaurant that…

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Excel: Text Functions (Part 2)

Lisa Miller @ The Mommy Stylist:

Excel tutorials- so helpful!

Originally posted on Excelmate:

Continuing from my last blog, here are the remaining text functions I have found useful:


Syntax: =LOWER(text or cell ref)

This will convert any characters in UPPER case to LOWER case. Your immediate thought will probably be ‘when am I ever going to need that?’, but people enter data into your spreadsheets all in lower case or upper case or some weird illogical combination of both, and so to give your text values some sort of uniform appearance, this sort of function comes in handy. You will most probably use this in combination with other text functions.



Syntax: =UPPER(text or cell ref)

This gives you the opposite to the previous function, converting all LOWER case characters to UPPER case. As with LOWER, you will probably use it in combinations with other functions.



Syntax: =PROPER(cell ref)

A function of limited use really, and probably limited to using…

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Win An Online Styling Session From The Mommy Stylist

Lisa Miller @ The Mommy Stylist:

Win An Online Styling Session From The Mommy Stylist

Originally posted on The Mommy Stylist:

By Lisa Miller

Photo courtesy of Alison Guglielmo.

Have a favorite piece of clothing that never sees the light of day because you aren’t quite sure how to wear it or how to fit it into your mommy lifestyle? We can help. Has your wardrobe become a stale parade of your favorite jeans and t-shirt, over and over, with no variation? Let us show you how to spice it up. Not sure what to pair with that great handbag your sister gifted you for Christmas? We’ll create an outfit around it.

In fact, we’ll create two!

Enter to win an online styling session with The Mommy Stylist’s executive editor, Lisa Miller, and editor-in-chief, Kristin Hull, who will each create a look based on an article of clothing or accessory chosen by the winner from their own closet. Two unique outfits, which will be posted on The Mommy Stylist at…

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Help Some Friends Adopt


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Friends and co-workers, The Schellbachs are trying to adopt. They’ve partnered with Chrome Buffalo to sell t-shirts in honor of their future child. For each T-shirt sold, Chrome Buffalo will dontate $11 to help them out with adoption fees.

Click here to buy a shirt: http://chromebuffalo.com/a/cb?drive=362

Here’s their story:

Adoption has always been our first choice on the road to parenthood, and we are now in the process of trying to bring home our first bundle of joy. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it will also take a village to bring Baby Schellbach home… will you be a part of ours? We have partnered with Chrome Buffalo to sell this t-shirt in honor of our child. We will receive $11 for every t-shirt that is purchased in the next ten days, and each dollar earned will go straight into our adoption fund. Expenses range from home inspections, required parenting classes, legal services, and etc. Plus, if you send us a photo of you in your nifty new shirt, we’ll include it in our adoption profile so birth moms & dads can see all of the people who already love Baby Schellbach and who have helped to bring him/her home! Thanks so much for your help! Love, Teresa & Brian

Stylist’s Secret: Runway Tips and Tricks for Everyday

Lisa Miller @ The Mommy Stylist:

Read my tips and tricks for moms (and everyone) from the runway over at The Mommy Stylist!

Originally posted on The Mommy Stylist:

By Lisa Miller

runway, chic moms, fashion advice, fashion for moms, fashion help, Fashion show, lisa miller, mom advice, mom fashion, mom magazine, mom style, mom's stylist, mommy stylist, Style, the mommy stylist

Photo courtesy of Mail Online.

Who says runway fashion doesn’t apply to real life? Sure, the garments may often be extravagant and expensive, but runway looks inspire the budget-friendly spin-offs that end up in our shopping bags, many of which are more flattering than the originals. Both sometimes need a little help to look their best.

Models aren’t what they seem

What about the models? They may be tall and thin, but getting them ready for the catwalk isn’t as easy as throwing the clothes on their lanky frames at the last-minute. There are a million little things that go into making them, and their outfits, appear flawless – even when they aren’t.

Fake it confidently, and you’ll make it

Having worked fashion shows and handled wardrobe for rock concerts, I have witnessed first-hand how important perception is to a performer or designer. During one experience…

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